A 11A

*Unreadable* broken stone

C 35A

Albanese Louis A.

Oct.17,1921 Dec.22,1995 D 37F
Tec.3 US Army WW2
Allen Edward C.,Jr. Frances Ann Carroll & Edward C.Allen

Aug. 12, l911 A 14C 11m
Allen Mrs.

A 6A-F
Plot #6 Owned By Mrs.Allen,Empty
Anglim Ann Maloney
James Anglim Oct.1839 Oct.25,1916 A 156B

Anglim Ellen

March 18,1866 March 29,1884 A 156C

Anglim James
Ann Maloney Nov.1826 July 14,1912 A 156A
Large Family Monument, ( Anglim )
Anglim Mary

Feb.16,1881 Jan.19,1902 A 156D

Anglim Patrick

March 17,1869 Aug.2,1902 A 156E
Death Date From Grave Stone
Avery D.Earl

April 27,1893 Jan.4,1966 B 48C
Avery Monument
Avery Helen

July 4,1894 Sept.4,1968 B 48B

Avery Sherwood

April 6,1920 Dec.2,1937 B 48A

Azzali Joseph

1893 1964 B 111D
Photo on grave stone
Azzali Primina

1892 1965 B 111E
Photo on grave stone
Barber Marg't Masefield

1871 1940 D 109B

Barnes Martha E.
Earl M. 1914 Dec.31,2000 D 136D

Barnes Earl M.
Martha E. Dec.29,1913 July 15,1978 D 136E
S1 US Navy WW2
Barrett Gorden

May 22,1931 Sept.15,1993 D 130F
Ashes Cpl.US Army Korea
Barry Margaret
William Barry no dates no dates C 50B

Beattie Chauncy
Ella McMahon no dates no dates B 80&92

Beattie Ella

B #92
See #80,Plots # 80 and #92 side by side,large stone, McMahon/Beattie,names on back of stone,no dates
Beattie Ella McMahon
Chauncy no dates no dates B 80&92

Beattie George J.

Feb.13,1877 Oct.1,1968 B 51A

Beattie Gertrude

no dates no dates B 80&92

Beattie John F.

no dates no dates B 80&92
Large stone,McMahon/Beattie.Plot #80,McMahon,Plot #92,Beattie,side by side.Names no dates
Beattie Mary E.C.

Aug.3,1865 Feb.13,1939 B 51B

Behan Evelyn Smith
Frank J. 1897 1997 B 114E

Behan Frank J.
Evelyn Smith 1905 1976 B 114D

Behan Mary Cassidy

1860 1932 A 16B

Behan Michael

1858 1927 A 16A

Behan Michael

1898 1944 A 16E

Behan Rose Connolly
Thomas V. April 4,1900 Nov.7,2000 B 51E
Behan Thomas V.
Rose Connolly 1893 1971 B 51D

Behan William

1901 1902 A 16F

Bigwood Anna E.

1884 1958 B 28C

Blanchfield Alice

March 1,1868 Aug.29,1955 A 89F
stone shows she is buried at left of Blanchfield monument
Blanchfield Frank P.

Sept.171897 Nov.1,1942 A 91B
He is buried in Buffalo,N.Y.
Blanchfield Helen

April 11,1874 Oct.9,1963 A 92F

Blanchfield Johana

March 6,1879 A 92E 80y
Blanchfield Johana O'Shae
Richard Aug.13,1839 Sept.6,1915 A 92B
Blanchfield Loretta M.

Jan. 19,1893 April 16,1976 A 90F

Blanchfield Mary E.Darmody
Wm.Blanchfield June 15,1868 Sept.21,1954 A 90E

Blanchfield Patrick

March 17,1866 Sept.18,1943 A 91A

Blanchfield Richard
Johana O'Shae April 11,1828 Feb.11,1893 A 92C
Blanchfield Richard

Sept.25,1869 Nov.29,1927 A 92A

Blanchfield Robert

May 5,1878 Aug.27,1880 A 92D

Blanchfield Rose Murtha
Patrick Jan.6,1872 Nov.6,1898 A 91C

Blanchfield William
Mary E.Darmody Jan.25,1864 Nov.13,1935 A 90D

Boice Crystal Ann

1962 1969 D 48E
"Our Little Noel"
Bourgeois Bernard G.
Gizzle G. Dec.20,1933
D 102E
Double stone
Bourgeois Gizzle G.
Bernard G. Oct.13,1936 July 22,2000 D 102F

Bowes James Leo

1904 1905 A 11F
Holy Cross Cemetary Stone
Bowes Judith Blanchfield

1826 1903 A 11D

Bowes Thomas H.

1859 1906 A 11E

Bowland Mary

1879 1962 B 169A

Braymer Maria Lundin

June 25,1946
D 84F

Braymer Rena Gingras

D 84D
Large "Braymer" stone
Braymer Steven L.

April 12,1949
D 84E

Broadhead Michael

June 29,1966 June 18,1985 D 136F

Bromley Albert T.

Sept.8,1879 July 11,1933 B 47A
Large Harte/Bromley Monument.Albert T.Bromley,N.Y.PVT,Co.1,2nd Reg.Inf.Spanish-American War
Bromley Mary K. Albert T.Bromley
1885 1972 B 47C

Brown Eliza John & Ellen Brown

Jan.1,1868 A 151F 19y
Buck Alfred
Marg't Grady July 28,1873 Jan.18,1963 B 15B
Names and date taken from O'Grady/Moloney Monument
Buck Marg't.Grady
Alfred Buck Dec.21,1869 Jan.4,1945 B 15D

Burke Henry J.,Rev.

1900 1957 B 168E
Pastor of Holy Cross Church
Burke Norah
Richard Burke
Aug.8,1893 A 212D 47y Double Plot,#212,Owned by McNarmara,#229,Owned By Richard Burke.Plots Side By Side.
Busseno George H.

1862 1906 D 78B

Busseno Georgianne (Baby)

1906 1906 D 78A


D 79A-F
Large monument,Busseno
Callaghan (John)

A 1A-F
Callaghan Agnes

1859 1904 A 2C

Callaghan Father

1830 1900 A 3F

Callaghan Katie

1867 1904 A 2F

Callaghan Lawrence

1897 1898 A 2B

Callaghan Mary

1853 1874 A 2A

Callaghan Michael

1855 1911 A 3B

Callaghan Mother

A 3E

Callaghan T.

A 3C
Monument with cross
Campbell Anna Mae
Pierce 1929
D 6F

Campbell Ivan G.
Mary L.Coughlan Dec.1,1908 Dec.28,1979 D 118E
Double stone,Memorial Stone on back, S Sgt.US Army
Campbell Pierce,Sr.
Anna Mae 1931
D 6E
Double headstone
Campbell Mary L.Coughlan
Ivan G. 1917 1983 D 118F

Canalizo Elizabeth Powers

1904 1961 B 20B

Cannon John
Agnes (Cashman)
March 15, 2004 D 120E 80y Buried May 15, 2004
Capuano Andrew F.
Marilyn July 4,1928 Aug.23,1995 D 54E
Double head stone. Cpl. US Army Korea
Capuano Guy
Pasqualina 1887 1960 B 163F
Capuano Henry F.

1926 1981 B 163B

Capuano Louis J.

May 12,1917 March 11,1991 B 115F
Tec.5 US Army WW2
Capuano Marilyn
Andrew F 1930
D 54F

Capuano Mary A.
Peter P. May 3,1916 June 5,1990 D 52F

Capuano Michael T.

Jan.20,1916 Jan.28,1981 B 163C
Ft.stone:Cpl.US Army WW2
Capuano Pasqualina
Guy 1889 1954 B 163E
Capuano Peter P.
Mary A. July 4,1914 July 7,1990 D 52E
Double headstone,Memorial Plaque on back of this stone,Cpl.US Army WW2
Carney Anna

no dates no dates B 29D

Carney Caroline Edward H.& Elizabeth Clark Ebert Leo Sept. 7, 1922 Sept. 3, 2003 D 93F 80y Double Stone. For 50y Caroline and her husband Leo ran Carney's New and Used Furniture Store in Salem
Carney Catherine C.
Frank C. 1893 1973 D 96F

Carney Florence
Thomas 1928
D 94E
Double stone
Carney Frank C.
Catherine C. 1895 1966 D 96E

Carney John

no dates no dates B 29A
Carney John E. (Jack) Leo F. & Caroline (Ebert) Carney Jacqueline (Greene) Nov. 9, 1949 Aug. 16, 2002 D 93D 52y Jack a former long distance truck driver
Carney Julia

no dates no dates B 29B
Carney Leo
Caroline 1918 Sept.19,1997 D 93E 79y
Carney Louise

no dates no dates B 29C

Carney Thomas
Florence Dec.5,1919 Nov.27,1994 D 94F
Pvt.US Army Air Corp WW2
Carr Annie E. Michael and Mary Carr

March 29,1918 B 35D 62y Annie E.,"On This Good Day In Heaven,RIP Amen"
Carr James Michael and Mary Carr

July 5,1859 B 36C
Separate stone
Carr John H.
Marg't Anglim Feb.28,1854 Dec.21,1923 B 35E

Carr Katie A Michael and Mary Carr

Dec.1877 B 35A 23y Large monument,Carr,for plots #35and#36.Names and dates on monument,also ft.stones in both plots.
Carr Marg't Anglim
John H. Feb.2,1865
B 35F

Carr Mary
July 27,1882 B 35C 62y
Carr Mary E.

Jan.15,1878 B 36A 26y
Carr Michael
Feb.11,1885 B 35B 67y6m
Carr Sarah J.

Jan.13,1879 B 36B 16y
Carrolan Anne Farrelly

1840 1898 A 75-A-F

Carrolan Elizabeth F.

1888 1981 B 170B

Carrolan Helen C.

Feb.21,1921 B 27A
Large stone,Carrolan
Carrolan Margaret E.

April 21,1922 B 27B

Carrolan Mary Alice

1924 B 27C

Carrolan Mary Farley
Patrick Carrolan
1939 B 27E
Carrolan Mary J.
Patrick J. 1901 1988 B 175B

Carrolan Michael

1845 1914 A 75-A-F
Large Monument:Mary,Owen,Margaret,Michael,Mother,Father
Carrolan Patrick
Mary Farley
1946 B 27F
Carrolan Patrick

1879 1925 B 72F
Notes state this is either 72F or 78A
Carrolan Patrick J.
Mary J.Welsh 1900 1965 B 175A
Double tombstone, Carrolan
Carrolan Thomas L.

1887 1948 B 170A
Large stone,Carrolan
Carroll Anna

Nov.28,1871 March 2,1916 A 9F

Carroll Blanche

March 27,1887 Nov.22,1970 A 9C

Carroll Charles O.

1877 1941 A 9E

Carroll Dennis

Oct.12,1837 March 5,1909 A 9A

Carroll Margaret A.Trimble
Patrick Carroll 1860 1916 A 14E

Carroll Mary

May 19,1851 June 24,1926 A 9B

Carroll Patrick
Margaret A.Trimble 1854 1908 A 14D


A 9D
Family Monument
Carston Harold Charles
Olga 1913 Jan.8,1980 D 22C
"In Memory Of Harold Charles Carston"
Carston Olga A.
Harold Charles 1911 Feb.3,1999 D 22D

Cary Doris LaTulippe

Jan.16,1921 Nov.13,1995 B 100C

Cary Henry C.

June 15,1912 March 19,1973 B 100B
N.Y.Sgt.Co.B 382MP BN WW2
Casey Catherine Trimble
Edward Feb.12,1845 Oct.30,1887 C 21B
Casey Edward
Catherine July 25,1829 Feb.23,1895 C 21A
Cassidy Agnes

1912 1978 B 169B

Cassidy Baby John F.and Katherine Cassidy

1908 B 5C

Cassidy Bill

B 122A-b
Plot #122,two graves owned by Bill and Ann Cassidy,no stone or dates
Cassidy Catherine McHugh

1873 1962 B 23E

Cassidy Delia
Michael 1877 1956 B 169D

Cassidy Della Morey
Robert James June 2,1939
D 21B

Cassidy Jim P.
Mary W. 1909 1977 B 110A

Cassidy John F.
Katherine 1878 1938 B 5B

Cassidy John F.

Jan.22,1913 Feb.2,1976 B 185A

Cassidy Joseph J.

1918 1978 B 169E

Cassidy Joseph J.

1897 1923 D 96A

Cassidy Katherine
John F. 1879 1917 B 5A
Cassidy Stone
Cassidy M.Edward
Mabel West 1908 1940 B 99A

Cassidy Marg't.A.Flynn
Thomas H. Nov.15,1862 July 7,1926 D 96D

Cassidy Mary W.
Jim P. 1915
B 110B
Double stone
Cassidy Michael
Delia 1873 1959 B 169C
Double headstone
Cassidy Robert James
Della Morey March 25,1939 Oct.4,1987 D 21A

Cassidy Thomas H.
Margaret A.Flynn March 10,1867 Nov.19,1986 D 96C
Large "Cassidy"monument "May Their Souls Rest In Peace"
Cassidy Thomas J.

1877 1933 B 23D

Cereghino Christine

1905 May 27,1999 B 57A

Cereghino Eugene

1903 1973 B 57B
Monument for Cereghino
Cereghino Jennie
Louis 1874 1966 B 57E
Cereghino Leo

Dec.25,1905 Feb.2,1912 B 57F
Lamb monument
Cereghino Louis
Jennie 1869 1939 B 57D
Cheney Mildred Allan and Alice (Center) Hannibal Royal F. 1912 Oct. 27, 2002 D 127B 90y She was a retired employee of Mack Molding in Arlington, Vt., where she worked for over 30 yrs.
Cheney Royal F.
Mildred 1906 1960 D 127A
Double stone
Chenille Albert L.
Nancy F. 1911 1988 A 66B

Chenille Nancy F.
Albert L. 1913 1987 A 66A

Cillen Hannah B.

Jan.,1945 A 57C

Clark Agnes

Sept.,1924 July,1965 A 152C

Clark Alice

1889 1965 A 152B

Clark Catherine

May 29,1888 April 10,1962 B 29F

Clark Frank C.

Aug.7,1888 April 29,1941 B 29E

Clark Geraldine
James (Bud)
June 4, 2004 D 151D 79y
Clark James

1886 1961 A 152B
Double Stone
Clark James H.,Jr.

Sept.16,1920 April 26,1986 D 151C
MM1 US Navy WW2
Clark John Violet & Lawrence Clark
1918 1967 A 80D

Clark Joy McGann
Tom Feb.19,1954 April 30,1986 D 151B
"Your Love Will Light Our Way,Your Memory Will Always Be With Us"
Clark Lawrence
Violet 1891 1963 A 80F

Clark Margaret

1857 1951 A 111B
Large Monument (Kelly Schlayer)
Clark Mary Cooney
William S.Clark 1863 1947 A 99B

Clark Violet
Lawrence 1892 1983 A 80E

Clark William S.
Mary Cooney 1855 1917 A 99C

Clear Patrick

Jan.22,1874 A 77A 27y Holy Cross Cemetery stone states Patrick Clear,Parish records state Patrick O'Leary
Collins `Peter F. Michael & Mary (Dundon) Collins
Jan.30,1860 Feb.5,1887 A 135C

Collins Alice H.Toleman
James A. Feb.6,1899 July 12,1984 D 81E

Collins Anna M.

1875 1950 A 27A-F

Collins Beatrice Patrick & Mary (Powers) Kelly Francis Nov. 4, 1909 Aug. 18, 2002 A 103B 92y She worked many years at the Salem Nursing Home
Collins Beatrice M.
Francis P. 1909
A 103A

Collins Carrie Schlayer
John H.Collins 1867 1890 A 111C
Birth & Death Dates Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Collins Charles Timothy Collins & Mary Brady
1866 1891 A 17D

Collins Dennie

1871 1872 A 27A-F
"May Their Souls Rest In Peace,Amen"
Collins Father

A 136C
No Dates
Collins Father

1845 1922 B 56A

Collins Francis P.
Beatrice M. 1906
A 103B

Collins Frankie John H. and Carolena Collins
March 7.1889 May 3,1890 C 53A

Collins Freddie

1889 1890 A 111A
Large Monument ( Kelly,Schlayer )
Collins Freddie John H.and Carolena Collins
March 7,1889 June 1,1890 C 53B

Collins Frederick Edward

May 29,1926 Jan.31,1945 D 81C
Co.M 358 Inf.90th Div.
Collins Harold

Aug.17,1910 B 24C 3days
Collins Harry H.

1901 1974 A 84C
Brother of Mary F. Collins
Collins Honora Cullen
Michael Edward Aug.28,1864 March 19,1945 D 81B

Collins James
Jane Gill
Aug.13,1898 A 53A 78y Native of County Clare,Ireland (Large Collins Stone)
Collins James


Plot #52 Owned By James Collins.2 Unreadable,Old Headstones
Collins James


Plot #54 Owned By James Collins,Empty
Collins James A.
Alice Toleman May 5,1899 Nov.11,1974 D 81D
Pvt.US Army
Collins Jane Gill
May 5,1904 A 53B 87y Native of County Roscommon,Ireland "May Their Souls Rest In Peace"
Collins John
Margaret 1871 1953 A 109F
Info for John S.& Margaret Smith Collins is From Cemetery Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Collins John H.

June 10,1923 B 25D
Collins John L.

May 26,1940 B 25B

Collins Katherine Moloney
John Collins
June 20,1885 A 136D

Collins Katie

1873 1892 A 27A-F

Collins M.H.

no dates no dates C 61A-F
Monument with Cruifix,M.H.Collins on monument,no names or dates
Collins Margaret Hugh & Julia Collins

A 60A
Stone unreadable
Collins Margaret Smith
John S.Collins 1873 1956 A 109E

Collins Marg't Howard
Martin H. Collins 1836 1910 A 27A-F

Collins Martin

Jan.3,1899 A 55D 70y
Collins Martin H.
Marg't Howard 1838 1907 A 27A-F
Collins Family Monument
Collins Martin J.

1858 1930 B 53C

Collins Mary
Patrick Collins
May 5,1876 A 136F 52y Peter,Mother Father,No Dates
Collins Mary Ann Fleming

1864 1959 B 53D

Collins Mary Brady
Timothy Collins 1842 1925 A 17C

Collins Mary Downs

Sept.24,1960 B 25F
Collins Mary Dundon
Michael J. May 15,1836 Nov.16,1885 A 135B

Collins Mary Elsie

1901 1987 B 25C

Collins Mary F.

A 84B
Sister of Harry H.Collins
Collins Michael

Oct.31,1908 A 21A 52y Father
Collins Michael Edward
Honora Cullen Sept.22,1861 Jan.17,1940 D 81A

Collins Michael J.
Mary Dundon Sept.29,1830 Feb.5,1906 A 135A
Collins Family Monument
Collins Minnie

1874 1951 B 56D
Small headstone,"Minnie"
Collins Mother

A 136B
No Dates
Collins Mother

1842 1912 B 56B
Collins Monument
Collins Peter

A 136A
No Dates
Collins Rev.James E.

Aug.31,1957 B 24B
Large Collins monument on corner of Plots #24 and #25
Collins Stephen,M.D.

1869 1903 A 27A-F

Collins Thomas Michael & Mary (Dundon) Collins
April 3,1867 April,1916 A 135E

Collins Timothy
Mary Brady 1823 1908 A 17B
Triple Stone
Collins Timothy

1871 1927 A 27A-F

Collins William Hugh & Julia Collins

June 22, 1863 A 60B 1y9m13d Foot stones: Father, Mother, Hugh & Katherine
Collins William D.,Rev.

1907 1998 B 25E

Collins William G. Michael & Mary (Dundon) Collins
Oct.14,1868 March 29,1892 A 135D

Colton George H.

1850 1874 B 36D

Condon David

1863 1937 A 225F

Condon John

1957 1932 A 225A

Condon Liam F.,Rev.

A 188A
Plot #188A Owned By Rev.Liam Condon,Born in Mitchelstown,Ireland
Condon Margaret Sheridan
Patrick Condon 1835 1921 A 225D

Condon Patrick
Margaret Sheridan 1834 1902 A 225C
Double Plot,#225&#226,Owned By Patrick Condon.Family Monument & Headstones
Condon Patrick,Jr Patrick & Margaret (Sheridan) Condon
1873 1917 A 225B

Condon William J.

1861 1915 A 225E
These dates taken from Holy Cross Parish records and Holy Cross Cemetery stones
Conety Leon

1916 1999 B 104A
Monument stone,Conety on front,Noonan on back
Conety Viola

1917 1993 B 104B
Ashes 18" from stone
Conley Martin A.

Nov.7,1865 Nov.8,1904 A 23D

Connor Anna M.

April 13,1865 July 4,1929 A 23B
Smyth/Conley Monument Birth & Death Dates Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Connor Anne Marie Charlotte and Francis Connor

1943 B 12E

Connor Charlotte Dooley
Francis C. 1905 1987 B 12D

Connor Daniel Hugh and Ann Connor

Feb.20,1869 B 37A 24y5m
Connor Daniel J.

1904 1935 A 36F

Connor Daniel M.
Margaret A. 1863 1927 A 36E

Connor Ellen

1866 1953 A 30D

Connor Ellen B.

1835 1894 A 30B

Connor Harold

1896 1958 B 12A

Connor James

Sept.15, 1868 Sept.17, 1952 A 23A

Connor John

Oct.16,1860 Oct.5,1929 A 31A

Connor Margaret

Dec.25,1931 B 12B
Connor Margaret A
Daniel M. 1861 1962 A 36F

Connor Michael

1822 1906 A 30A
Connor Francis C.
Charlotte Dooley 1909 1974 B 12C

Cooney Guy L.
Irene L. 1918 1977 D 36D
Large stone,"Cooney"
Cooney John

1857 1883 A 97D

Cooney John (baby)

1968 B 47E

Cooney Katie

1874 1888 A 97A

Cooney Lawrence A.

April 16,1937 A 78A

Cooney Luke
Mary 1820 1902 A 97B

Cooney Luke,Jr.

1859 1911 A 97F

Cooney Mary
Luke 1833 1882 A 97C

Cooney Peter

1861 1883 A 97E

Cooney Irene L.
Guy 1923
D 36E

Cox Delia

Nov.8,1930 B 13B
(Sister of Margaret Connor)
Craft Everett W.
Rachel 1924
D 84A

Craft Rachel
Everett W. 1929 1993 D 84B

Craner Anna Duffy
Roger Craner 1844 1907 A 130B

Craner Bertha E
Charles 1882 1906 B 40A

Craner Bridget
Patrick Craner
June 16,1875 C 58D

Craner Elinor T.

1870 1919 A 130D

Craner Elzina M. Charles and Bertha Craner
1904 1907 B 40C

Craner Frederick W.

1881 1902 A 130A

Craner Hazel A. Charles and Bertha Craner
1905 1907 B 40B

Craner Roger C.
Anna Duffy 1835 1917 A 130C

Craner Rosanna

1879 1970 B 49F

Cronin Ellen Walsh
Jeremiah Cronin 1831 1909 A 74B

Cronin Jeremiah
Ellen Walsh 1812 1895 A 74A
Large Family Monument ( Cronin)
Cronin Julia

1862 1883 A 74D

Cronin Mary M.

1854 1875 A 74C

Crosier Mary L.

May 8,1917 March 9,1987 B 102F

Crotty James M.

June 26,1906 Oct.7,1987 D 146D
Sp3 US Coast Guard WW2
Cudmore Ellen
June 3,1865 A 55B 24y Large Family Monument ( Cudmore)
Cudmore Margaret
Jan.14,1908 A 55C 80y
Cudmore Thomas
Ellen Dec.22,1836 April 18,1905 A 55A
Born Kellington,County Clare,Ireland.Died Salem,N.Y.
Cudmore Thomas

May 13,1865 Sept.25,1887 A 55E

Cuevas Maria
Jan. 04, 2002

68y Ashes, buried at Evergreen Cemetery with husband
Cullen Bridget
Martin Cullen 1844 1914 A 19B

Cullen Bridget Flanagan
Patrick 1837 1901 A 57E

Cullen Helen L.

1880 1949 A 19C

Cullen John Miram and David Cullen
unreadable unreadable C 37C

Cullen Martin
Bridget Halpin 1833 1908 A 19A
Natives of Co.Waterford,Ireland
Cullen Patrick
Bridget Flanagan 1829 1887 A 57D

Cullen William J.

June,1943 A 57B


A 19E
Small Father Footstone Here
Culver Carlton J.
Jeanne Jan.21,1914 Oct.25,1963 A 34A
Bronze Plaque ( N.Y. S2 USNR WW2 )
Culver Jeanne T.
Carlton J. 1916 1968 A 34B

Cummings Edward

April 23,1877 A 132F 40y
Cummings James E. E. & M. Cummings
Oct. 18, 1866 April 1, 1887 A 132A 20y
Cummings Maggie E.& M.Cummings

May 20,1893 A 132B 29y4m20d
Currey Anna M.

Dec.24,1943 B 42D
Large stone,Early/Currey
Cushing Rosanna

1847 1934 A 112D
Death Date of 1934 From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Damato Raffaele

1912 1913 B 69D
D'Amato Lila P.
Raphael 1914 Aug.26,1994 D 120C
Double stone
D'Amato Maria Carmine

1879 1953 B 66 1/2C

D'Amato Michelina

Sept.26,1911 Dec.2,1919 B 66 1/2A

D'Amato Raphael
Lila P. July 10,1915 Nov. 18, 2002 D 120B 87y
D'Amato Thomas

1881 1957 B 66 1/2B

Dardis Bridget Carroll
James Dardis
Feb.18,1887 A 110D 55y
Dardis James
Bridget Carroll
Jan.15,1888 A 110C 52y Large Family Stone ( James Dardis )
Dardis Mary Kirke
Dec.8,1882 A 17F 73y "May Their Souls Rest In Peace"
Dardis Nicholas
1861 A 17E 54y
Dardis Nickolas

A 18A-F
Broken Head Stone Here,No Other Burials
Darfler Andreas
Theresia Dec.21,1845 Feb.24,1929 D 112A

Darfler Elizabeth M.
1967 D 112D

Darfler John
Elizabeth M. 1888 1969 D 112C

Darfler Theresia
Andreas Oct.27,1856 May 29,1934 D 112B

Darmody Anna

1888 1891 B 72D

Darmody Julia
Philip Darmody
Oct..27,1870 B 72A 84y RIP Amen
Darmody Julia

1871 1876 B 72C

Darmody Julia Carrolan

1867 1932 B 71F

Darmody Marg't M.Costello
Thomas F. 1894 1965 B 77B

Darmody Marg't. Maloney
Thomas 1831 June 14,1913 B 71B 82y Mother
Darmody Thomas
Marg't Maloney 1822 Jan.30,1895 B 71A 73y Father
Darmody Thomas

1862 1948 B 71E

Darmody Thomas F.
Marg't M.Costello July 3,1893 Sept.19,1952 B 77A
N.Y.Pvt.12 Sanitary TN 12th Div.WW1
Day Ellen Farrelly

Aug.2,1950 A 128A
Death Date Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Dean Frances

1851 1911 B 69A

DeLurey Michael

A 228A-F
Deveney Martin

1872 1948 A 33F

Dillon Eleanor M.

1898 1984 D 144B

Dillon Francis
Raymond I. 1905 1984 B 84E

Dillon Kendall W.

D 144C

Dillon Leonard

B 164B

Dillon Lucille B.

June 29,1925 April 21,1995 B 164C

Dillon Raymond I.
Francis 1903 1970 B 84F

Dillon Winston C.

1901 Feb.22,1994 D 144A

Donahoe Peter

April 9,1915 B 74E 78y Co.H 123 N.Y.S.V.
Dooley James Thomas & Margaret Dooley

Jan.9,1874 A 58D 16y4m Native of County Clare,Ireland "In Memory Of James"
Dooley John
Mary Collins
Jan.2,1896 A 133B 45y
Dooley John

Nov.15,1865 A 133D 52y7m Native of County Clare,Ireland
Dooley Maggie A.

Feb.23,1880 A 58B 20y3m2d Stone-In Memory of Maggie A.Dooley,errected by her brother William Dooley.Her age at death 20y3m2d
Dooley Mary Collins
John Dooley
Oct.10,1893 A 133C 73y
Dooley Michael

Dec.15,1872 A 58E 25y Native Of County Clare,Ireland
Dooley Michael

Feb.14,1880 A 133F 29y
Dooley Nancy A. John & Mary Dooley

Sept.17,1867 A 133E 18y6m
Dooley Susan McCabe
John Dooley
April 25,1912 A 62B 50y
Dooley Thomas

Feb.10,1875 A 58C 68y Native of County Clare Ireland
Dowdell Elizabeth

May 10,1894 B 179C 56y
Dowdell Katie Bartholomew & Elizabeth Dowdell

June 25m,1883 A 44F
Age at death 18y,5m.20d
Dowling John

unreadable unreadable C 37D
Stone is broken and unreadable
Dudley Frank A. Moses and E.Dudley

July 25,1884 C 100C 3d "He Is Not Dead But Lives Above"
DuFrain Edward A.

April 28,1890 Aug. 25,1958 B 162D
Dundon Anne Collins
Thomas 1837 1916 A 43C

Dundon Catherine Collins
George Dundon no dates no dates B 39B
Both plots #38 & #39 owned by M.Dundon
Dundon Catherine Kanane
James 1800 1884 A 43A-F
Names & Dates Found On Back Of Dundon Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Dundon Elizabeth Michael and Margaret Dundon
1864 1939 B 39E

Dundon Ellen

Feb.21,1872 C 38D 21y1m
Dundon Ernest
Naoma 1914 May 21,1995 D 118A
Double stone
Dundon Helen C. Michael and Margaret Dundon
1857 1903 B 38A

Dundon J.George

no dates no dates B 39C
Stone down
Dundon James
Catherine Kanane 1806 1874 A 43A-F
Names & Dates Found On Back Of Dundon Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Dundon James

1863 1944 A 43D

Dundon James

July 28,1886 C 38A 64y Initialed ft.stones. Names and dated on monument,"Dundon"
Dundon James

Jan.27,1872 C 38B 14y1m
Dundon James H. Michael and Margaret Dundon
1875 1878 B 38E

Dundon Jennie Michael and Margaret Dundon
1867 1906 B 39F

Dundon John

1872 1946 A 43E

Dundon John J.

A 171A-F
Plot #171 owned by John J. Dundon,Empty
Dundon Lizzie

Feb.4,1872 C 38C 1y10m
Dundon Margaret
John Dundon
Jan.6,1876 A 170A 36y
Dundon Margaret Dunne
Michael 1835 1913 B 38C
Dundon Margaret Julia

1860 1944 B 39D

Dundon Margaret Killian
Michael 1880 1948 B 103A

Dundon Mary Ann

1860 1956 B 39D

Dundon Michael
Marg't Dunne 1824 1898 B 38D
Dundon Michael
Marg't Killian 1874 1953 B 103B

Dundon Michael

July 4,1883 A 41A-F 65y Dates Taken From Dundon Family Monument,Holy Cross Cemetery
Dundon Naoma
Ernest 1922
D 118B

Dundon Rose Hickey

1873 1951 B 46B

Dundon Theresa A. Michael and Margaret Dundon
1870 1895 B 38B

Dundon Thomas
Anne Collins 1832 1882 A 43C

Dundon Thomas

1870 1933 B 46A
Large monument in center,Dundon/Hickey
Dundon Thomas S. Son of P&B Dundon

Aug.1,1884 A 41-A-F 2y6m Large Family Monument. Dates Found on Monument
Dunigan Anne

Dec.15,1878 Feb.24,1941 A 42E

Dunigan Bernard J.

1915 1915 B 68C

Dunigan Charles J.
Mary F.McDonald 1881 1944 B 68A

Dunigan Helen T.

no dates no dates B 68D

Dunigan Henry

1879 1935 A 42C
Large Stone
Dunigan James

A 12A-F
Dunigan Monument,Plot Owned by James Dunigan,Empty
Dunigan Jane

1882 1952 B 43F

Dunigan Mary

Oct.25,1868 Jan.28,1951 A 42F

Dunigan Mary F.McDonald
Charles J. 1883 1969 B 68B

Dunigan Patrick H.

1920 1940 A 42C

Dunigan Terrance J.

1873 1954 B 43D

Dunne Eliza

1813 1903 B 39A
Dunnigan Bernard
Jane Connley 1837 1916 A 29A

Dunnigan Catherine Shields

1887 1951 B 67C

Dunnigan Frank

July 20,1913 Sept.6,1973 B 67E
M.Sgt.US Army WW2 BSM
Dunnigan James
Katherine 1868 1929 A 11C

Dunnigan James

Dec.29,1880 A 29F 36y
Dunnigan Jane Connley
Bernard Dunnigan 1842 1884 A 29B

Dunnigan Katherine Dundon
James 1869 1952 A 11B

Dunnigan Mary E.

1914 1915 B 67B

Dunnigan Peter

Feb.7,1895 A 29E 49y
Dunnigan Peter F.

1879 1947 B 67A

Dunnigan Rose Murtha
Owen Dunnigan
May 1,1899 A 29D 81y
Edgarton Mary McMullen
Horace Edgarton
Jan.19,1930 A 115E

Ennis Mary

July 7,1869 C 50A 73y
F Johanna

no dates no dates C 62A 87y
Farrelly Catherine

1846 1930 B 91B

Farrelly Ellen
Owen Farrelly 1851 1915 A 128D

Farrelly Maggie Sullivan
Owen Farrelly
May 5,1881 A 128F 27y Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Farrelly Owen
Ellen Carrolan
July 22,1892 A 128C 41y Large Stone (Farrelly)
Finegan Ann Farrell
March 30,1891 A 40D 65y Native of Trim County,Meath,England
Finegan Charles
Ann Farrell
April 19,1897 A 40C 78y Large Family Monument with Cross
Finegan Thomas

March 22,1894 A 40B 39y Name and date on side of monument
Fitzgerald Edward F.

June 1,1888 Jan.11,1963 B 102D

Fitzgerald Mary M.

March 26,1888 April 22,1962 B 102E

Flanigan Helen M. Trimble
Frank Flanigan Jan. 23, 1886 May19,1922 A 119F

Fleming Agnes Anglim
John E. 1875 1898 A 174D

Fleming Cath.D.Vincent
Charles P. 1875 1915 A 173C-F

Fleming Charles

A 172A-F
Plot #172 owned by Charles Fleming,Empty
Fleming Charles P.

A 173C-F
No Dates
Fleming Earl G.

June 28,1889 July 8,1977 A 134A
CPL US Army WW1 (Estate of M.Collins) ( Purcell Monument)
Fleming Elizabeth G.

1886 1962 A 134B
Death Date Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Fleming Ella E. Patrick & Susan (Warren) Fleming
March 30,1859 Aug.16,1879 A 173C-F
Birth Date From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery. Old Stone
Fleming Frances

1912 1943 B 28B

Fleming Frank J.

1889 1920 B 28A
Father, Large Fleming Tombstone
Fleming Helena
John S. 1894 1990 B 117B

Fleming James H.

1867 1888 A 173C-F

Fleming Jennie

1897 1898 A 174E

Fleming Johanna Collins
Michael Fleming 1821 1896 A 174B

Fleming John E.
Agnes Anglim 1860 1928 A 174C

Fleming Margaret E.

1914 Sept.26,2000 B 28F

Fleming Mary A. Noon
John Fleming
Feb.10,1930 B 54F 59y
Fleming Michael
Johanna Collins 1820 1888 A 174A
Fleming Monument
Fleming Patrick
Susan Warren 1826 1911 A 173A

Fleming Susan Warren
Patrick Fleming 1826 1910 A 173B

Fleming Susie Patrick & Susan (Warren) Fleming
July 29,1861 Aug.14,1879 A 173C-F
Old Stone
Fleming John S.
Helena A. 1894 1978 B 117A

Flynn Bridgit
John Flynn 1826 1873 A 194B

Flynn Catherine James & Catherine Flynn

Oct.18,1865 A 73C 2y3m
Flynn Catherine Howard
James Flynn
May 10,1900 A 73E 77y
Flynn James
Catherine Howard
March 23,1884 A 73F `68y
Flynn John
Bridgit Long 1826 1916 A 194A
Family Monument,Flynn
Flynn Mary

1860 1869 A 194C

Flynn Mary Ann James & Catherine Flynn

Oct.21,1865 A 73D 3y11m27d
Fraser LeGrand
Rose Blanchfield Nov.5,1900 March 8,1980 A 91E

Fraser Rose A.Blanchfield
LeGrand Fraser Nov.5,1898 36359 A 91D

Fronhofer Ida Brem
Leonard Sr. 1903 1995 B 110D

Fronhofer Leonard Sr.
Ida Brem 1891 1974 B 110E

Gainor Edmunda R.

1908 1999 B 33 1/2F
Double stone next to Army stone:Dr.John E.Gainor,1905-1997,Edmunda R.,1908-1999
Gainor Father

1837 1909 B 33 1/2A
Plot #33 1/2
Gainor Helen

1869 1888 B 33E

Gainor Jane M.

1873 1924 B 33B

Gainor John

1867 1934 B 33 1/2D

Gainor John Edward

July 1,1905 Aug.8,1997 B 33 1/2E
Flat Army stone next to Large monument,John Edward Gainor,Capt.US Army,WW2
Gainor Kathryn

1861 1924 B 33 1/2C

Gainor Margaret

1903 1904 B 33 1/2B

Gainor Mary
John 1878 1968 B 33A
Large Gainor Monument
Gainor Mary F.

1860 1901 B 33D

Gainor Mother

1835 1895 B 33F

Gainor Philip O.

1877 1910 B 33C

Gallion Judith Anne

1947 1987 D 147E
Garrity Anna E.

1893 1981 A 24D

Garrity Frank H.

1904 1962 A 24C

Garrity Helen
Feb.22,1907 A 24B 78y Garrity Monument
Garrity Jesse L.

1898 1990 A 64A
Garrity Monument
Garrity John M.

1895 1969 A 64B

Garrity Matthew
March 26,1934 A 24E 68y
Garrity Patrick
Nov.2,1903 A 24A 70y
Garrity Susan
Jan.13,1905 A 24F 39y
Garrity Thomas
Mary Keegan No Dates On Stone No Dates A 38
Large Monument "Rest In Peace".Children:Matthew,Daniel,John,Thomas,Mary,Cath.,Ellen,Rose,Esther.
Gass Robert

July 1,1919 June 27,1994 D 69F
Cremated,memorial stone.1st Lt.US Army WW2
Gibbons Margaret

Sept.14,1920 B 89D 74y
Gilian Mary O'Brien

1861 1932 A 33A
From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Gingras Bruno

1900 1968 B 175 1/2A
Large Tombstone, Gingras
Gingras Gerald

1932 1955 B 175 1/2C

Gingras Yvonne

1904 1983 B 175 1/2B

Gleason Cath.Schofield
Jan.23,1907 B 40F 67y
Gleason Laura Knortz

D 102D

Gleason Martin
Cath. Schofield March 20,1867 July 16,1919 B 40D

Gleason Timothy W.

April 10,1958 Oct.19,2001 D 102C 43y Born in Queens,N.Y.
Green Michael (baby)

1970 B 47D

Greene George W.,Sr.
Marguerite F. 1908 1971 D 82D

Greene Marguerite F.
George W.,Sr. 1913 1993 D 82E
Double stone
Greene Raymond T.

April 1,1937 Nov.1,1995 D 82F
Pvt.US Army Korea
Hamilton B.Cullen
Michael J. 1872 1944 B 42A

Hamilton Carl E. Elisha & Helen (McCarty) Hamilton Yvonne March 15, 1922 Oct. 13, 2002 A 48B 80y Ashes. PFC US Marine Corp.WW2
Hamilton Claude

A 48F

Hamilton Elisha L.
Helen A.McCarty 1891 1966 A 48C

Hamilton Harold Elisha and Helen (McCarty) Hamilton Bette Jan. 17, 1921 June 30, 2002 A 65f 81y Dairy farmer in Salem until his retirement when he moved to Ft. Edward
Hamilton Helen A.McCarty
Elisha L. 1897 1984 A 48D

Hamilton Karen Jean Mildred & Harry

Dec. 7, 2003 A 65A 46y
Hamilton Leonard

1925 1998 A 48E
Hamilton Michael J.
B.Cullen 1877 1936 B 42B

Hanrahan John

March 30,1888 B 63A 51y "We Hope He Is In Heaven"
Hardy Jane M.

D 110F
No stone or dates
Harrison Reginald (Bill) Albert and Ellen (Brown) Harrison Ann Kruszewski June 7,1921 March 12,2002 D 82A 80y Born in Yealmpton,Devon,England,served as a Commando in the British Royal Navy,WW2
Harte Marion K.Bromley
Patrick W.Harte 1910 1940 B 47B
Patrick W.Harte,"In Loving Memory Of His Wife Marion Bromley"
Hartney Maureen
Peter 1936
D 136C
Hartney Peter
Maureen 1935 1992 D 136B
Double stone. Father
Hayes Mary

1864 1934 A 10D

Hayes Mrs. Patrick

1843 1905 A 10C

Hayes Patrick

1843 1912 A 10B

Healy Katherine

April 22,1876 Feb.23,1908 B 81A

Healy Mary

June 16,1911 B 81B 54y
Henly Patrick

1871 1939 B 181E

Henry John F.

1875 1953 B 162C

Hickey Catherine

1876 1954 B 46D

Hickey James
Katherine Dunigan
May 18,1884 A 61C 48y Stone New
Hickey Julia A.

1882 1953 B 46C

Hickey Katherine Dunnigan
James Hickey
Sept.21,1916 A 61D 72y Stone New
Hickey Margaret

1874 1954 B 46E

Hickey Mary

1877 1957 B 46F

Hickey Michael

Oct.24,1864 A 61E 67y
Hickey Unreadable James & Katherine Hickey

April 20, 1863 A 61F
Old Stone, first name Unreadable
Higgins Margaret C.

1865 1903 A 30C

Higgins Margaret K.

A 30E

Hines Alice

1867 1919 A 77C

Hines Anna Craner
John Hines,Jr. 1884 1961 A 138F
Dates Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Hines Anna Maria

1863 1919 A 77D

Hines Bridgit Toohey
Thomas Hines 1833 1898 A 77E

Hines Edward W.
Mary F.Kelley Feb.17,1861 Aug.10,1931 A 70F
Parish records show birth date as 1868,grave stone as 1861
Hines Ella Welsh
John T.Hines 1857 1891 A 138D
Birth Date Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Hines John T.
Ella Welsh 1854 1936 A 138C
Death Date Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Hines John,Jr.
Anna Craner 1884 1948 A 138E
Dates Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Hines Margaret M.

May 17,1905 Sept.4,1918 A 90A

Hines Marg't Blanchfield
Thomas Hines Nov.29,1872 June 28,1964 A 90C

Hines Mary F. Kelley
Edward W.Hines Feb.25,1860 June 14,1931 A 70E
From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Hines Thomas F.
Marg't.Blanchfield Aug.5,1872 May 18,1950 A 90B

Hines Thomas S.
Bridgit Toohey
Aug.8,1877 A 77F 64y2m
Holland Elizabeth
William J. 1877 1963 B 50B

Holland Isabelle
Thomas 1877 1958 B 161E
Double headstone
Holland Thomas
Isabelle 1882 1958 B 161D

Holland William J.
Elizabeth 1880 1951 B 50A

Howe Bryon W. Eben Hatch &Angelus V. (Fitzsimmons) Howe Jeanne Nov. 23, 1932 Jan. 21, 2003

70y Ashes, no burial
Huges Julia Cassidy
Patrick 1843 1917 B 89C

Huges Patrick
Julia Cassidy 1841 1917 B 89B

Hunt Caroline A.

1909 1976 B 185B

Ianelli Albert

1878 1957 B 87A

Ianelli Margaret

1885 1976 B 87B

Ianelli Mary I.

1910 1959 B 87C

Irving John

1919 Dec.27,2000 D 82B
"My Beloved" Cremated
Johnson William
Dec. 6, 2003

65y Ashes, no burial
Jolley Eva Feth

1906 1998 B 114B

Jolley George A.

1905 1968 B 114A

Kassebohm William

Nov.19,1872 Sept.18,1952 A 23E

Kazimes Joseph

1910 1994 D 38E
Burial April 23,1994
Kearney Katie A. Thomas & Margaret Kearney

Nov.14,1891 A 39A 24y Large Family Monument,Kearney,"Gone But Not Forgotten"
Kelley James
Margaret McIntyre 1838 1901 A 70C

Kelley Margaret McIntyre
James Kelley 1840 1915 A 70D

Kelly Dorothy
J.Gregory 1914 1978 B 160E
Double headstone
Kelly Henry

1840 1911 A 111E

Kelly J.Gregory
Dorothy 1905 1958 B 160F
"The Kellys,Joe and Dot"
Kennedy Bernard P.

Oct.25,1915 A 28D 40y
Kennedy Bridgit Kelly
John Kennedy
April 2,1915 A 28F 84y
Kennedy John
Bridgit Kelly
July 18,1889 A 28E 77y
Kennedy Mary A.

Sept.25,1915 A 28C 52y Large Stone For both Mary A.& Bernard P.
Kennedy Winifret John & Bridgit Kennedy
Nov.24,1870 Sept.28,1872 A 28B
Small loose Stone
Kenney Jane F.

1878 1950 B 21F
Large monument,Kenney,Plot #22
Kenney Lawrence A.

1864 1932 B 21D

Kenney Martha S.

1902 1936 B 21C

Knapp Christine Marra
George 1917 1993 B 168A
Name and date on back of "Marra" stone
Korzeniecki Emily Mae

July 30,1988 D 147C
Kramer Francis X.
Irene Darfler 1906 1953 B 111A

Kramer Irene Darfler
Francis X. 1917 1984 B 111B

Kruszewski John

1924 1983 D 67E

Kurjiaka Gertrude E.
Walter J. 1910 1999 B 173B

Kurjiaka Walter J.
Gertrude E. 1908 1957 B 173A
Double headstone
LaRose Alice
Lewis F. 1891 1924 B 1D

LaRose Lewis F.
Alice 1884 1941 B 1E

Lash Harriet
Leonard Jan.1,1906 July 26,1996 D 68F
Double headstone
Lash Leonard
Harriet 1910 Aug.14,1984 D 68E

Lasher Daniel C.
Emma Shea 1871 1953 B 45D

Lasher Emma Shea
Daniel C. 1867 1954 B 45E

Lasher Walter J. Daniel & Emma Lasher

Aug.16,1891 A 99D 7m Holy Cross Cemetery Stone Shows Aug.16,1891
Lasher Walter J. Daniel C.and Emma (Shea) Lasher
1891 1891 B 45F

LaTulippe Donald J.

Sept.23,1937 April 16,1957 B 101A
New York A3C 823 Air Base GP AF
LaTulippe Helen F.

1912 1972 B 101F
Large monument,Cary/LaTulippe
LaTulippe Lewis B.
Sadie C. 1896 1981 B 101C
Dad. L Troop 2nd Cavalry
LaTulippe Robert J.

1924 1944 B 100A

LaTulippe Sadie C.
Lewis B. 1901 1969 B 101B
Laux Barbara Dillon
Richmond J. Sept.12,1933 March 21,1998 B 84C

Laux Richmond J.
Barbara Dillon July 27,1932 Jan.6,1998 B 84D

LaValley Frank J.
Mabel West 1905 1986 B 99C

LaValley Mabel West

1902 Aug.1,1995 B 99B
See #99A.Stone reads M.Edward Cassidy,Mabel West their Wife,Frank J. LaValley
Layden Elizabeth

April 6,1921 April 13,1939 B 98A

Layden James A
Mary McCowan Jan.10,1876 April 19,1954 B 98D
Layden Mary McCowan
James A. June 4,1882 Dec.23,1941 B 98C
Leary Daniel
Margaret Toman 1853 1878 A 114A

Leary John T.
Josephine 1876 1939 A 89E

Leary Josephine
John T.Leary 1871 1938 A 89D

Leary Margaret Toman
Daniel Leary 1850 1923 A 114B

Lee Edward Louisa Carroll & Harry L. Lee

Oct.4,1914 A 5A 3 mos.
Lenzi Arnold J.

1908 1980 D 83E-F

Lenzi Charlotte K.

1911 1995 D 83E-F

Lenzi Michael A.

1937 1980 D 83E-F

Lenzi Michael E.

1909 1984 D 83E-F

Leonard G.

March 12,1993 D 83D 73y
Longo Maria Congetta Domenic and Adimardocco Longo
1911 1914 B 69E

Lorinczy John

Nov.9,1924 Jan.17,1983 D 127C

Lynch Esther Garrity
John Lynch April 25,1841 June 19,1906 A 13E

Lynch John
Esther Garrity

A 13D
John Lynch Buried At Buenos Aires,S.A.
MacNeil David
Mary 1915 1955 D 128B
Large monument in center
MacNeil Mary
David 1919 1994 D 128C
Double stone
Maddalena Gino

1922 1987 B 87D

Maddalena Minnie

1913 1986 B 87E

Madigan Michael

A 118A-F
Owned by Michael Madigan,no burials there
Mailer Hannah
Charles unreadable unreadable C 32B

Malloy N.


Plot # 148 Owned By N.Malloy,Empty
Marra Edward Ernest

Nov.9,1936 Dec.4,1957 B 168C
NY A2C 1604 Fld.Maint. SQAF
Marra George E.

1912 1962 B 168B

Marrazzo Margaret (Marge)

March 27,1915 June 30,1988 D 36B
"Mother,Grandmother,and Friend"
Masefield Annie Madigan
John T.Masefield
Dec.6,1909 B 32D 44y "May Her Soul Rip"
Masefield J.

B 7A-F
Large Masefield Monument,no dates or names.Ft.stones:Mary,Harry,Mother,Father,William,and Grandmother
Mason Elizabeth A.Smith

1938 1983 D 23A

Mayr Eileen
Otto Paul 1898 1963 B 162F

Mayr Otto Paul
Eileen May 23,1888 Dec.14,1956 B 162E
Ft.stone:NY Major Inf. WW1
McCabe George M.

Aug.1871 A 62A

McCabe Mary
Patrick McCabe
Nov.31,1915 A 62E 91y
McCabe Patrick
April 14,1888 A 62F 65y Cedar Tree here on Corner of Plots 45-46-62-63
McCabe Patrick

A 63A-F
Plot # 63 Owned By Patrick McCabe,Empty
McClintick Bridget Leeson
June 23,1869 C 50C

McCormick Mary Thomas & Johanna O'Neill

Dec.20,1874 A 59E 40y Native of Parish Trough,County Clare,Ireland
McDermott Michael
Rosa Connelly
April 26,1895 A 81C 78y
McDermott Rosa Connelly
June 25,1899 A 81D 68y Death Date Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
McDermott Thomas

Oct.30,1870 A 46F 48y
McDonald Cora M.Dennison
Thomas E. 1884 1910 B 69C
Large Stone
McDonald Edward

1887 1920 B 55A

McDonald Ellen O'Donnell
James T. 1860 1944 B 55D

McDonald James T.
Ellen O'Donnell 1849 1924 B 55C
Double headstone,McDonald,names and dates on stone
McDonald James T.,Jr. James T.and Ellen(O'Donnell) McDonald
1891 1912 B 55F

McDonald Mary McKeever
Patrick McDonald
Sept.27,1900 A 112C 78y
McDonald Patrick
Mary McKeever
Jan.1,1900 A 112B 88y
McDonald Thomas E.
Cora M.Dennison 1887 1907 B 69B

McDonald William P. James T.and Ellen (O'Donnell)McDonald
1882 1884 B 55E

McEvoy Josephine F.
Walter P. 1904 1987 D 110D
McEvoy Walter P.
Josephine F. 1899 1929 D 110C
Double stone. Ft.stone for Walter P.,Co.K 105th Inf.
McGarvey Catherine Peter J.and Catherine McGarvey

March 11,1890 B 79E 6days
McGarvey Mary Farrelly
Patrick 1837 1907 B 79B

McGarvey Owen W.

1873 1945 B 79F

McGarvey Patrick
Mary Farrelly 1834 1898 B 79A
Large Monument
McGarvey Peter J. Patrick and Mary (Farrelly) McGarvey Catherine
June 30,1895 B 79D 38y
McGovern Ann C.

1908 Oct.6,1993 D 38F

McGrath Michael
Nan Collins 1874 1948 B 56F

McGrath Nan Collins
Michael McGrath no dates no dates B 56E

McHale Bridget

March 20,1904 A 192E 78y
McHale John

March 15,1911 A 192F 69y
McIntyre Catherine

May 31,1913 B 86B 63y
McIntyre Francis

Oct.15,1912 B 86A 75y Co.D 1st Reg.N.Y.I.
McIntyre Hannah M.Murphy
James 1855 1945 D 63C

McIntyre James
Hannah M.Murphy 1844 1910 D 63B
Center Monument,"McIntyre", names and dates on back of monument
McIntyre Sarah

1851 1905 A 71C
McIntyre Family Monument
McKeever Catherine Dowdell

A 113E
McKeever John

Nov.26,1880 A 113F 65y
McKenna Anna C.
John S. Jan.17,1914 July 6,2001 D 51E
McKenna Edward

May 30,1907 A 45D

McKenna Elizabeth

Jan.14,1904 A 45E

McKenna Francis L.

Feb.27,1936 B 23A

McKenna Helen E.

Jan.28,1926 A 45C

McKenna John S.
Anna C. Aug.6,1906 Aug.14,1981 D 51F

McKenna Margaret

Oct.2,1916 A 45F

McKenna Mary

Aug.9,1952 B 23B

McKenna Michael

May 26,1870 A 45B

McKittrick Gertrude
Feb.11,1984 B 160C

McKittrick John
April 11,1983 B 160B

McMahon Anna Connor
James Jan.5,1869 Feb.7,1944 B 61B

McMahon Anne O'Brien
John no dates no dates B 80&92

McMahon Elizabeth
Aug.2,1898 B 61D 65y Mother
McMahon James
Anna Connor May 22,1868 June 4,1931 B 61A
Monument with Cross
McMahon Johanna
Oct.16,1896 A 93C 66y
McMahon John
Anne O'Brien no dates no dates B 80&92
Large stone,McMahon/Beattie.Plot #80,McMahon,Plot #92,Beattie,side by side.Names no dates
McMahon John
Aug.23,1900 A 93B 80y Large Family Monument ( McMahon)
McMahon John

A 26C-E
McMahon Lizzie John & Johanna McMahon

April 10,1876 A 93E 3y10m
McMahon Mary E.

no dates no dates B 80&92

McMahon Nickolas
Jan.12,1904 B 61C 73y Father
McMahon Thomas

Jan.18,1912 A 93D 49y
McMahon Thomas

no dates no dates B 80&92

McMullen James E. John & Julia McMullen

Nov.29,1885 A 115B 24y
McMullen John
Julia Early
Aug.4,1909 A 115D 87y
McMullen Julia Early
John McMullen
Feb.5,1902 A 115C 70y
McNamara Bridgit
Mich'l McNamara

A 212A
No Dates,Broken Stone
McNamara Julia Michael & Bridgit McNamara

A 212B
No Dates,Broken Stone
McNamara Michael
Aug.2,1896 A 212C 70y Double Plot,#212,Owned by McNarmara,#229,Owned By Richard Burke.Plots Side By Side.
McParland Nancy

March 3,1894 A 44B 70y
Meehan Thomas

Jan.28,1907 B 17C

Moloney Bridget

Jan.15,1810 Feb.12,1890 B 15E
Names and dates taken from O'Grady/Moloney Monument
Moloney Mary

June 7,1837 Feb.4,1913 B 15F

Mongavin Bridget Kane
James Mongavin
Oct.3,1886 A 76E 68y
Mooney Bridget Cassidy
Michael Mooney no dates no dates B 31A-F

Mooney Ellen Michael and Bridget (Cassidy) Mooney
1900 1901 B 31A-F

Mooney Michael
Bridget Cassidy no dates no dates B 31A-F
Double stone under bush,Mooney,Michael,wife,Bridget Cassidy,& daus.,Ellen1900-1901,Nellie,1904-25
Mooney Nellie Michael and Bridget (Cassidy) Mooney
1904 1925 B 31A-F
Ft.stone for Nellie #31E
Moore Jane Collins

1897 1995 A 103D 97y Lived in N.Y.City
Morris Hannah Flynn

1865 1950 A 194D
Family Monument,Flynn
Morrisey Pauline M.

1897 1978 B 49B

Morrissey Mary A.
April 14,1906 B ? 79y Notes state grave between Plots # 37 & # 64
Morse Barbara Kelly

Dec.8,1942 Aug.23,1993 B 159F
Photo on grave stone
Mowrey Baby Marie Ann

Sept.13,1964 B 99F

Moynihan Andrew

A 178A
Moynihan Family Monument.Foot Stones,no dates
Moynihan Baby

A 177A
No Name or Dates
Moynihan Bridget
Patrick Moynihan
Dec.14,1875 A 176F 29y5m Plot#176 A,Grandmother,B,Grandfather,no dates or names.Family Monument Centered Between #176&177
Moynihan John
Kath.McCormick 1842 1903 A 177C

Moynihan John P. John & Katherine Moynihan

1875 A 177B
John P.Moynihan Family Monument
Moynihan Katherine
John Moynihan 1844 1911 A 177D

Moynihan Margaret Reardon
Michael Moynihan
Nov.28,1890 A 177F 75y
Moynihan Michael
Marg't Reardon
Dec.20,1898 A 177E 83y
Mullee Mary L..

1866 1940 B 49A

Mullen Anna R.

1876 1943 B 4E

Mullen Emma

A 153E
"Our Little Emma"
Mullen James

Nov.7,1868 Dec.24,1917 B 4A
Mullen Headstone
Mullen Katherine M.

1880 1951 B 4F

Mullen Mary
James Mullen

A 153F
Rest of Stone Unreadable
Mullen Mary Dunnigan
Thomas 1840 1911 B 4C

Mullen Matthew

A 154-A-F
Large Stone,Mullen. "In Memory Of Matthew Mullen & Family"
Mullen Thomas
Mary Dunnigan 1839 1916 B 4B

Mullen Thomas D.

1874 1936 B 4D

Munson Cath.Flannery
Charles E.
1936 B 41C

Munson Charles E.
1925 B 41B

Munson Leroy J.

April 10,1955 B 41F
SGT. 105 Inf. 27th Division WW1
Murnin Peter

March 16,1870 A 61A 24y Headstone James,Headstone Mother, Headstone Father
Murphy David

June 17,1884 B 11E 55y Found this large stone in McIntyre plot next to Connor
Murphy Edward W.

Feb.18,1877 B 11F 24y4m18d Found this large stone in McIntyre plot next to Connor
Murphy Elizabeth M.

1874 1957 A 36D

Murphy Emma G.

1878 1899 A 36C

Murphy Mary Purcell
Michael Murphy 1839 1917 A 36B

Murphy Michael
Mary Purcell 1832 1907 A 36A
Large Monument ( Murphy, Connor )
Murphy Michael


Plot #37 Owned By Michael Murphy,Empty
Murrane Gerald Collins

1939 1982 B 166 1/2C
AB US Air Force
Murrane Martin T.Jr.

Feb.17,1927 Oct.29,1998 B 166F
Ashes. PFC US Marine Corp.WW2
Murrane Una M.

1904 1985 B 166D

Murrane Martin T.Sr.

April 11,1895 Dec.31,1977 B 166E
Sgt.US Marine Corp.WW1
Murtha Anne Luddy
Peter Murtha
March 26,1906 A 72B
Murtha Peter
Anne Luddy
April 14,1898 A 72C
Neil John B.
Mary A. 1929
D 83A

Neil Mary A.
John B. 1930
D 83B
Triple stone
Neil Michael J. John B.and Mary A.Neil
1963 1981 D 83C
Nisbet Mary Powers

1891 1985 B 20D

Nisbet William S.

1897 1976 B 20C

Nix Everett,Jr.
Theresa M. May 13,1948 Aug.25,1990 D 147B

Nix Everett,Sr.
Renee A. 1927 1996 D 146C

Nix James Claude

Sept.15,1952 March 9,1979 D 146A
Bt 2 US Navy
Nix Renee A.
Everett,Sr. 1932 1986 D 146B
Double stone
Nix Theresa M.
Everett Nix,Jr. Feb.25,1949
D 147A
Double stone
Noon Alice M.
James Edward 1913
D 145D

Noon Anna Boland
James J.Noon 1874 1967 A 98E

Noon Elizabeth
James 1844 1929 A 95B

Noon Elizabeth Michael & Ellen Noon

Nov.12,1901 A 25A 20y Footstone Daughter
Noon Ellen Cramer
Michael Noon
Feb.12,1909 A 25C 59y Footstone Mother
Noon Helen

1875 1952 B 54B

Noon Honora
John Noon
March 8,1869 A 96C 29y In Memory Of Winifred Noon,John Noon,Honora Noon,Mary Noon, & Michael Noon
Noon James
Elizabeth 1843 1918 A 95A
Noon Family Monument
Noon James Edward
Alice M. 1913 June 6,1996 D 145C
Double stone
Noon James J.
Anna Boland 1872 1940 A 98D

Noon James P.

March 10,1926 A 25E 50y
Noon John James & Elizabeth Noon

Feb.25,1873 A 95E 2y11d
Noon Katherine

1884 1958 B 54C

Noon Lillian

1877 1951 B 54A
Noon,double headstone
Noon Mary Elizabeth

Dec.25,1901 Nov.18,1989 A 97G

Noon Michael
Ellen Cramer
Aug.6,1911 A 25D 70y Footstone Father
Noon Rose Michael & Ellen Noon

Nov.22,1904 A 25B 27y Footstone Daughter
Noon William James & Elizabeth Noon

June 8,1875 A 95D 2y2m11d
Noonan Anna LanGevin

1877 1958 A 159C

Noonan Edith Richards

A 159E

Noonan Florence Whalen
George J. 1889 1962 B 105D

Noonan George A. (Bud)

March 25,1926 Oct.27,1946 B 105A
Cpl.US Marine Corps WW2
Noonan George J.
Florence Whalen 1891 1949 B 105C

Noonan Harold Edward

A 179A-F
Plot #179 Owned By Harold Edward Noonan,Empty
Noonan John Henry Michael & Mary A.Noonan

Feb.28,1885 A 117A 1y10m28d
Noonan Katherine Shields

Dec.3,1942 B 58B

Noonan Mary A.

June 25,1940 A 117D

Noonan Michael J.

March 8,1929 A 117D

Noonan Mrs. Edward

1888 1938 A 159F

Noonan Teresa M.

Sept.25,1896 Aug.19,1976 A 117F

Noonan William J.

March 26,1880 March 25,1907 B 58E

Norton Johanna

April 1,1912 A 8A 75y
Nugent Anna

July 23,1889 A 195B 30y
Nugent Bridgit (baby) John & Mary Nugent

Dec.14,1878 A 195F Infant
Nugent John Nancy & Patrick Nugent

1878 A 195E 29y
Nugent Michael

A 213A-F
Plot # 213,Owned By Michael Nugent.Large Family Monument,Empty
Nugent Nancy
Patrick Nugent
Dec.1,1881 A 195C 63y
Nugent Patrick
Aug.17,1878 A 195D 67y

A 20C
Small Gemstone Marked Father

A 20D

O'Brien Bridgit Pendergast
Dennis O'Brien Nov.11,1833 Jan.2,1893 A 32A
Obelisk Monument (Pendergast) Name and dates taken from grave stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
O'Brien Dennis
Bridget P.

A 32C 65y From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
O'Brien John

A 32B 45y From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
O'Connor Bridgit Walsh
James 1837 1909 B 85D
O'Connor Esther
Michael 1902 1998 D 67B

O'Connor Henry
Aug.1,1848 B 65E 66y
O'Connor James
Bridgit Walsh Jan.27,1829 Aug.25,1905 B 85C
O'Connor James F.

April 18,1868 June 1,1950 B 85B

O'Connor Johanna
James O'Connor
Nov.29,1888 A 59C

O'Connor Joseph

June 3,1865 June 23,1941 B 85F

O'Connor Mary Jane

April 9,1857 Jan.9,1934 B 85E

O'Connor Michael
Esther 1902 1987 D 67A
Double headstone
O'Connor William

1851 1906 B 65B

O'Connor Harriet C.Vincent

no dates no dated B 85A
Stone has sunk into ground,dates unable to read
O'Donnell Alice

1820 1898 A 157C

O'Donnell Dorothy

B 167A

O'Donnell Frank J.

1886 1965 B 26F

O'Donnell Gertrude

June 9,1922 March 31,1990 B 167B

O'Donnell James

1816 1893 A 157D

O'Donnell James C.

1857 1934 B 26E

O'Donnell John

1847 1934 A 157B

O'Donnell Joseph Frances

1917 1962 A 89B

O'Donnell Margaret

1880 1963 A 157E

O'Donnell Marie C.Fleming
William J. 1892 1977 B 167D

O'Donnell Mary

1852 1923 A 157A
Family Monument, O'Donnell
O'Donnell Mary

1877 1964 A 157F

O'Donnell Mary Blanchfield
William 1877 1966 A 89A

O'Donnell Mary E.

1853 1929 B 26B

O'Donnell Mayme J.

1891 1976 B 26D

O'Donnell William E.

1853 1936 B 26A
Large headstone, O'Donnell
O'Donnell William J.
Marie C.Fleming 1897 1964 B 167C
Double headstone,O'Donnell
O'Donnell Wm.C.

1885 1958 A 89C

O'Grady Bridget Moloney
Michael O'Grady Nov.12,1836 March 18,1889 B 15 1/2E

O'Grady Charles D.

Jan.1,1858 Nov.8,1915 B 15 1/2C

O'Grady George A.

July 7,1864 Sept.27,1915 B 15 1/2B
Plots 15A,15,&16,owned by O'Grady.#16 empty
O'Grady John H.

March 11,1861 Feb.10,1915 B 15 1/2A
Large monument in center of plot, O'Grady/ Moloney,names and dates taken from monument.
O'Grady Mary E.

June 1,1868 Feb.9,1941 B 15 A

O'Grady Michael
Bridget Moloney March 20,1829 March 3,1917 B 15 1/2D

O'Grady William J.

Dec.22,1855 July 7,1927 B 15 1/2F

O'Keefe Martha

1907 1983 D 82C

O'Leary Patrick

Jan.22,1874 A 77A 27y Parish records state Patrick O'Leary,grave stone Patrick Clear
O'Neill Ellen Thomas & Johanna O'Neill

March 21,1897 A 59B
Native of Parish Trough,County Clare,Island
O'Neill Johanna
Thomas O'Neill
Dec.6,1870 A 59F 75y Native of Parish Trough,County Clare,Ireland
O'Neill John Thomas & Johanna O'Neill

April 28,1891 A 59A
Native of Parish Trough,County Clare,Ireland
O'Neill Patrick Thomas & Johanna O'Neill

Nov.16,1887 A 59D
Native of Parish Trough,County Clare,Ireland
Owens John F.
Shirley D. Dec.7,1933 May 1,1999 D 130D
S3 US Navy Korea
Owens Shirley D.
John F. Sept.18,1921 Oct.5,1995 D 130E
Parrish Harley T.
Marion E.Noonan May 16,1921 May 7,1971 D 134C
"Parrish"stone, erected by Salem Council #3889 KofC/Memorial stone, New York Cpl.Field Artillery WW2
Parrish Harley W.
Mary Stanton 1894 May 25,1987 D 149D
Double stone
Parrish Helen

1918 1998 D 149F

Parrish Marion E.Noonan
Harley T. 1921
D 134B
On the back of Parrish Stone, names and dates inscribed.
Parrish Mary Stanton
Harley W. 1896 April 21,1988 D 149E

Parrish Robert Frances
Barbara April 15,1934 March 3,1999 D 149C
Sp4 US Army Korea
Payne Patricia George Noonan Robert 1920 Jan. 25, 2003

83y Buried at Evergreen Cemetery
Peck Marie Buck

Aug.11,1895 Feb.12,1973 B 15C

Pekins Albert

Jan.16,1904 July 18,1904 A 81B

Pekins Elizabeth Avery
Lawrence A. 1918 1975 B 48E

Pekins Frank W.

Oct.10,1918 Feb.25,1979 B 107D
T.Sgt.US Army WW2
Pekins Fred R.

July 10,1899 March 16,1976 A 100C

Pekins Lawrence A.
Elizabeth Avery 1915 1966 B 48F
Large Pekins Monument, (Memorial Stone N.Y. Cpl.Field Artillery, WW2)
Pekins Lawrence R.
Theresa J.Connor July 10,1892 May 26,1951 B 107A

Pekins Mary McDermott
Richard E.Pekins Jan.4,1866 Aug.26,1928 A 81A

Pekins Patricia J. Vincent and Thelma (Mitchell) Pekins
Aug.9,1952 Aug.16,1970 B 106A

Pekins Richard Theresa & Lawrence Carol
June 19, 2003

83y Buried at Saratoga Nat'l Cenetery
Pekins Robert E.

Oct.9,1920 Nov.21,1944 B 107C
Pfc 313 Engr BN 88 Inf.Div.WW2
Pekins Theresa J.Connor
Lawrence R. Jan.23,1894 July 26,1964 B 107B

Pell Frank T.
Kathryn "Kasha" June 1,1924 Sept.2,2000 D 69D
Double headstone. Frank T.,Beloved Husband And Dad
Pell Kathryn "Kasha"
Frank T. Nov.1,1924
D 69E
Beloved Wife And Mother.Top of stone,"Together Forever", Center,double rings,Aug.13,1950
Pellegrino Louis

Feb.21,1917 May 4,1917 B 90D
Lamb monument
Perkins Patricia A.Kurjiaka

B 173E

Perkins Richard (Deacon)

March 20,1932
B 173D
Double headstone
Perkins Richard W.

1956 1960 B 173F
Ft.stone, "Our Little Angel"
Peters Bridgit Dundon
John Peters 1833 1895 A 149B

Peters Bridgit Murray
William Peters 1853 1907 A 169B

Peters Catherine
Richard 1867 1920 B 34B

Peters Elizabeth William & Bridgit (Murray) Peters
1883 1897 A 169F

Peters James John & Bridgit ( Dundon ) Peters
1863 1887 A 149C

Peters John
Bridgit Dundon 1831 1892 A 149A
Peters Monument
Peters John William & Bridgit (Murray) Peters
1873 1905 A 169D

Peters Mary John & Bridgit ( Dundon ) Peters
1868 1892 A 149D

Peters Patrick William & Bridgit (Murray) Peters
1877 1903 A 169E

Peters Richard
Cath.McKeever 1860 1925 B 34A

Peters Richard D. William & Bridgit (Murray) Peters
1872 1936 A 169C

Peters William
Bridgit Murray 1833 1903 A 169A
Peters Family Monument
Phaneuf Mary T.

1912 1956 B 45C

Phillips Edmund

1909 1960 B 50D

Phillips Elbertine

1908 1951 B 50E

Pilvinis Jean Marie Pekins

Oct.26,1927 Sept.3,1997 B 108D
"God's Finger Touched Her And She Slept"
Place Daniel
Mary E.Pekins Dec.10,1910 April 7,1991 B 106E
Place Mary E.Pekins
Daniel N.Place Sept.9,1913 May 8,1986 B 106D

Poirier Nickolas B.

1903 1961 B 162A
Nickolas Bonaventure Poirier
Powers Arthur J.

1884 1942 B 19B

Powers Ed Bea Collins
1929 1993 A 84F

Powers Hellna

1898 1906 B 19F

Powers James R.

1886 1928 B 19C

Powers Mary Shields Thomas and Ellen Shields John J.Powers Feb.13,1867 Jan.21,1890 B 8C
Separate stone
Powers Mary Welch
Patrick Powers 1862 1923 B 19E

Powers Patrick
Mary Welsh 1855 1929 B 19D

Powers Patrick L.

1897 1942 B 19A
Large monument,Powers
Powers William F.

Nov.25,1888 Nov.24,1949 B 20A
New York CPL HQ Det. 2 Div. WW1
Pross Elizabeth M.

July 31,1909 July 7,1998 D 38C

Provan Mary Pendy
Paul Provan
March,1895 A 192C

Provan Paul
Mary Pendy 1866 1930 A 192A

Purcell Elizabeth

1852 1940 A 175A-F
Foot Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Purcell Ellen

1850 1914 A 175A-F
Foot Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Purcell Father,No Name

1813 1903 A 175A-F
Foot Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Purcell James

May 8,1859 Sept.21,1930 A 134F

Purcell John

1855 1911 A 175A-F
Foot Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Purcell Mary A.

July 20,1863 Oct.1,1935 A 134E
Purcell Monument,Birth & Death Dates Taken From Grave Stone
Purcell Mary Helena Jas.H.& Mary A.
Unreadable Unreadable A 175A-F
Small Head Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Purcell Michael

1846 1869 A 175A-F
Large Family Monument,Foot Stone
Purcell Mother,No Name

1817 1899 A 175A-F
Foot Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Quinn Dennis

A 7A-F
Plot # 7 Owned By Dennis Quinn,Empty
Quinn James Denis & Ann Quinn

Sept.29,1870 A 150F 34y
Quinn Josie M.

Sept.26,1886 March 13,1911 A 139A

Quinn Margaret L.

July 7,1858 May 15,1933 A 139B
Stone Is Down
Rapp Frances

B 116B

Rapp George

Apr. 5, 1915 Nov. 27, 1966 B 116A
Double stone/NY S Sgt. 154 General Hospital WW2
Reilly Charles A.
Cornelia M. Nov.11,1890 May 21,1983 A 79C

Reilly Cornelia M. Clark
Charles A. April 16,1894 Feb.1,1946 A 79B

Reilly John J.
Mary T. Oct.25,1923 Nov.27,1984 D 68C
Pfc.US Marine Corps WW2
Reilly Mary A. (Dau.) Cornelia M.& Charles A.Reilly
Sept.18,1917 June 4,1933 A 79A

Reilly Mary T.
John J. April 1,1921 Oct.28,1998 D 68D
Double headstone, "We Shall Walk Through All Our Days Together"
Reynolds Catherine O'Brien

1858 1938 A 33B
From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Richards Phoebe

June 16,1928 A 159D 83y
Roche Frances
D.E.Roche May 5,1878 June 12,1922 A 91F

Roche Frances M.
George P. 1903 1975 B 174C
Mother.Large stone,Roche
Roche George P.
Frances M. 1899 1971 B 174A
Roche Joan K. George P.and Frances M.Roche
1937 1956 B 174B
Roche Timothy W.

May 1,1956 May 1,1977 D 129A
Rogers Francis R.
Rita Noonan July 14,1924 Jan.9,1974 D 152A
Double stone. Pfc.US Army WW2
Rogers Mary Lou,"Naine"

1950 July 13,1992 D 152C
"We Love You"
Rogers Rita Noonan
Francis R. 1924 Aug.29,2000 D 152B

Romanelli Helen
Michele 1913 1992 D 53A
In Loving Memory Of
Romanelli Michele
Helen 1949 Dec.23,1992 D 53B
In Loving Memory Of
Ruthkowski Roger W.
Mary A. Nov.17,1916 Nov.18,1979 D 118C
Double stone,Memorial Ft.stone,Pvt. US Army WW2
Ruthowski Mary A.
Roger W. 1912 July 27,2001 D 118D

Ryan Bridgit

1862 1937 A 131B

Ryan Father

A 131F
No Dates
Ryan Fred T.

1890 1926 B 62F

Ryan Helen

1860 1912 B 62C
Large stone,Ryan
Ryan Michael

1853 1925 B 62E

Ryan Mother

A 131E
No Dates
Scherer Earl Emery

1881 1957 B 86 1/2B

Scherer Mabel Rose

1887 1947 B 86 1/2A

Schlayer Frederick

1829 Unreadable A 111F
Birth Date Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Schlayer Margaret Murphy
Fred Schlayer 1838 1916 A 111D
Birth & Death Dates Taken From Grave Stone,Holy Cross Cemetery
Schmitt Peter

1900 1966 B 176C

Schroeder Helen Agnes
Ludwig L. Sept.17,1901 Nov.4,1972 D 51A

Schroeder Ludwig L.
Helen Agnes Aug.3,1905 Feb.12,1976 D 51B

Sherman Irving C.
Marg't V.Behan 1881 1963 B 102C

Sherman Mar't V.Behan
Irving C 1887 1951 B 102A
Large Sherman monument
Shields Anna

March 29,1937 B 8A

Shields Annie Adopted Dau.of Frank & Mary Shields

Oct.23,1886 A 211B 16y9m
Shields Bernard

Jan.1902 B 64F

Shields Bridget Donahue
James J. Oct.25,1861 Oct.9,1929 B 9D
Shields Clara T. Milimer
Thomas H. 1856 1924 B 81 1/2B

Shields Elizabeth C.Smith
Matthew 1900 no date B 9B

Shields Frank
Mrs.Frank Shields Aug.30,1847 Jan.21,1916 A 211D

Shields Frank

A 193A-F
Plot #193,Owned By Frank Shields,Empty
Shields Frankie Anna M.& Frank Shields,Jr.

Sept.12,1905 A 211A 4m
Shields John
March 1896 B 64D

Shields John B.
Mary E.
Nov.1897 B 64B

Shields John E.

1871 1930 A 211F

Shields Mamie Frank & Mary Shields

June 18,1883 A 211C 5y4m
Shields Margaret T.

June 29,1892 Jan.8,1919 B 9E
"May her soul rest in peace"
Shields Mary E.
John B.
Feb.1927 B 64C

Shields Mary Karney
James Shields
Aug.12,1897 B 9F 87y Mother
Shields Matthew T
Elizabeth C.Smith 1895 1951 B 9A
Double Stone
Shields Mrs.Frank
Frank Shields 1814 1832 A 211E

Shields Nellie Thomas and Ellen Shields

July 20,1878 B 8E 2y9m Separate stone
Shields Roseanna
Jan.1901 B 64E

Shields Sarah Thomas and Ellen Shields

Jan.8,1883 B 8D 4y3m Separate stone
Shields Thomas
March 29,1902 B 8B 64y Name and date on monument
Shields Thomas H.
Clara T.Milimer 1853 1925 B 81 1/2A

Shields James J.
Bridget Donahue Dec.18,1842 Sept.18,1931 B 9C
Simpson Beatrice M.

1902 1972 B 110F

Slattery John
Marg't Nash
1888 B 78E

Slattery Marg't Nash
John Slattery
May 3,1901 B 78D 78y
Smith Ester
Hugh 1908 1997 D 22B

Smith Hugh
Ester 1905 1982 D 22A

Smith James

Sept.19,1869 June 28,1918 A 109C

Smith James W.

April 30,1969 D 145B
Our Baby
Smith John
Katherine Evans 1862 1947 A 108C

Smith K.Frank
Mary C.O'Connor 1906 Sept.22,1961 B 84A
K.Frank Smith,NY SPR1 USNR WW2,1906-Sept.22,1961
Smith Katherine Evans
John Smith 1867 1951 A 108B

Smith Mae K.

1888 1965 A 108D

Smith Mary A.

Nov.11,1864 March 10,1941 A 109D

Smith Mary C.O'Connor
K.Frank 1908 1986 B 84B

Smith Mary Hughes
Patrick Smith March 24,1837 Feb.27,1907 A 109B

Smith Natalie F.

A 108A
Large Family Monument (Smith)
Smith Patrick
Mary Hughes March 17,1817 Dec.2,1892 A 109A

Smyth Elizabeth

Oct.20,1861 June 22,1936 A 22F

Smyth Emma

Aug.26,1870 Jan.7,1959 A 22A
Monument In Center.Dates Taken From Holy Cross Parish Records and Cemetery Stone
Smyth Mary

May 8,1829 May 21,1905 A 22C

Smyth Owen

June 15,1830 A 22E
Date Taken From Holy Cross Parish Records and Cemetery Stone
Soucy Phillip J.

B 162B

Stanton Baby Parrish

1936 1936 B 76E

Stanton Ellen Henley
Thomas 1870 1955 B 76C

Stanton Hugh

March 6,1902 Dec.18,1902 B 76F

Stanton John

1872 1903 B 181F

Stanton James F.
Mary L. 1909 Oct.11,2000 D 127E
Double stone
Stanton Mary L.
James F. 1906 1995 D 127F

Stanton Mildred A.Campbell
Thomas H. 1908 1990 B 70B

Stanton Theresa

April 6,1904 Aug.2,1936 B 76D
Large Stanton monument
Stanton Thomas
Ellen Henley 1862 1947 B 76B
Large monument,Thomas Stanton and Ellen Henley Stanton written on back with dates
Stanton Thomas H.
Mildred Campbell 1897 1969 B 70A

Sullivan Cornelius John & Sarah Sullivan

Jan.18,1896 A 129D 40y
Sullivan Edward F. James J. and Rose (Dunigan) Sullivan
1905 Aug.31,1948 B 43C
Monument(bo:1905),Service stone(bo:1906)N.Y.Capt.,1550 SVC.Comd.Unit,WW2
Sullivan James J.
Rose Dunigan 1870 1946 B 43A
Large monument,Sullivan/White/Dunigan. Names and dates on monument
Sullivan John
Sarah McClelland
Oct.26,1890 A 129E 69y
Sullivan Rose Dunigan
James J. 1872 1950 B 43B

Sullivan Sarah McClelland
John Sullivan
March 2,1894 A 129F 80y
Sweeney John

March 1, 1884 A 158C 90y Cross Monument,No Dates
Sweeney John Jr.

Nov.14,1843 July 17,1871 A 158A

Sweeney Katherine

1883 A 158D 72y
Thompson Mary F.

1887 1977 B 103F

Tice Elsie F.

1902 1988 B 115C

Tice John S.Jr.

Sept.24,1924 Mach 20,1977 B 115A
Son) Cy US Navy WW2
Tierney Anna Ryan
William M. 1883 1946 B 179B

Tierney Bridget
Dec.12,1870 B 10B 38y
Tierney Bridgit Dowdell
April 1,1893 B 178B 61y
Tierney Eliz.

April 2,1919 Oct.12,1997 D 52D

Tierney Hannona

1800 1880 B 10F

Tierney Helen G.

1908 1950 B 180B

Tierney James
Bridget 1835 1909 B 10A

Tierney James Michael and Bridgit Tierney

Oct.11,1866 B 178A 8y Large monument, Tierney
Tierney Katherine E. Michael and Bridgit Tierney
1865 1943 B 179E

Tierney M.

B 177B
Stone fallen,ft.stone for M.Tierney
Tierney Michael
Bridgit Dowdell Sept.29,1836 Dec.28,1906 B 178C

Tierney Patrick Henry

July 11,1860 June 8,1918 B 178D
"May He Rest In Peace"
Tierney William J.

April 22,1911 April 8,1981 B 179F
Tec.5 US Army WW2
Tierney William M.
Anna Ryan 1862 1921 B 179A
Double headstone, Tierney
Tireney Katherine

1866 1943 B 10E

Toman Daniel
Susan McGuire 1816 1874 A 114E

Toman John

March 5,1878 A 114C 21y11m
Toman Susan McGuire
Daniel Toman