Most recent email from the Friends of the Library, dated 4/16/2018:

Present at our annual meeting were Alesa Wilson, Wendy Hunter, and Meg Adams. We are still looking for someone to take over as President, Vice President and Secretary if anyone is interested. We completed the membership letters that are being mailed or can be found at the library.

We discussed fundraising efforts and purchases. The Friends of Bancroft helped pay for wall art in the children's area of the library, craft class supplies, supplies for the bake sale, the Pilcrow Foundation Match, summer programming, Irene Baldwin's writing class, stepladder for the library, set of 2 transaction registers, the Friends of Hildene Pass as well as the MiSci membership renewal. We discussed purchasing floor lamps for the room in the library that is being redone as well as a charging station.  

Our fundraisers were successful last year- thank you for all the support. Membership and donations was $1814, Plant, Bake & Book Sale was $1161.50, and the Wreath Sale was $2877.00.  

Our Annual Plant and Food Sale on Memorial Day Weekend - we will not be having this unless there is a group that is willing and able to take the project on. Wendy and I are not available the day of the sale.  We are hoping there is a group that would be interested. If you are please let me know and I can put the group in touch with one another.  

As always thank you for your continued support. None of this would be possible without it.

Take care,
Meg Adams

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